Jaya Javeri Temple paintings from Hampi

Temple Paintings

Ever since I moved to South India I have been very inspired by the architecture of the temples which are hidden everywhere.

My favourite is the magnificent temples of Hampi in south India with their beautiful architecture and carvings. Each temple in Hampi inspires me — it is like I am transported back in time to a golden era.

There are little jewels of architecture strewn all over Hampi—- for me it is a treasure trove and I feel like capturing all their beauty on my canvases.

Temple paintings of columns and architecture by Jaya Javeri
Temple paintings by Jaya Javeri

My temple series are full of depth and perspective. I want you to step into the cool, mysterious interiors of majestic pillared halls. I want you to explore the beauty and experience the tranquillity.

My temple paintings usually also have a fun element——little girls playing hide and seek, mothers with their daughters in colourful finery, and monkeys playing around in these temples.

Temple paintings and columns of south indian temples by Jaya Javeri

Here again, I use my favourite palette knife to create textures and also I use the play of light and shadow to make the paintings come alive.

I hope I can transport you into this world of fun, beauty, tranquillity and grandeur.

temple paintings by Jaya Javeri