fields by Jaya Javeri a commercial artist from Mumbai


I have always lived in large metros and though I love it, with its lively chaos, it is a welcome change to get into the car and leave it behind once in a while ( but not for too long may I add!)

Ever since I was little, I remember getting into our old trusted huge Ambassador and going on family road trips.


It was fascinating to see the landscape gradually change, the skyscrapers being slowly replaced by smaller structures and finally the landscape changing altogether into the countryside.

I loved seeing the farms and the fields and remembering my mother naming all the crops for me— her city child!

Till today, I enjoy these fields, going back as far as the eye can see. I enjoy trying to guess their names as I keep stopping to take pictures.

The Indian countryside is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. You can see fields of different crops, and different flowers all in different textures.

Different parts of India have diverse fields and crops.

All these have found their way into my paintings. I have tried to capture the beauty of sunflower fields, marigold fields, mustard fields, rice fields….all disappearing into the distance.

My field paintings draw your eye into this distant horizon and are full of colour, textures, tranquillity and sunshine.