Art for my desk by Jaya Javeri

Art for my desk | My new collection for personal desk

I am adding a small gallery ‘Art for my desk’ on my website. I urge you to take a moment to take look at them.

I enjoyed painting these small-size canvases.
They are full of colour, and textures, they are full of joy, positivity and tranquillity.
All of them can be displayed in fun, unique ways. Just place them on a small easel and display them on a table in your hall, on your bedside table…. anywhere!

Artworks from “Art for my desk” will also brighten up your workspace so display them on your desk and watch them lift your mood throughout the day.
( They can also be displayed in groups on the wall).

All the themes I have chosen are happy and uplifting…bright sunflowers, lush fields, children running on a beach, and different coloured flowers.
Being very reasonably priced art they also make memorable and unique gifts …..which will always be appreciated.
Please mail me at if you want to brighten up your home or office with these small paintings.