Paintings of Benares

My painting series inspired by Benares | Jaya Javeri

My first trip to Benares was in Feb 2019.
It had always been on my wish list. I was not prepared for the deep, magical effect it would have on me! Stepping onto the ghats and seeing the holy Ganga for the first time had the most extraordinary calming effect on me. It felt like I was stepping back in time; into a spiritual world!

Paintings of Benares

Paintings of Benares

This one is from a very special collection of my Painting of Benaras. This time, I am doing a short series “Stories of art” on my blog. I understand, as an artist, it is vital to stay motivated and inspired to create art from the heart. This is my humble try to share a drop in the ocean.

This holy city of Benares has impacted the lives of devotees for centuries. Its fragrance, its vibrant colours and its culture recite a story in every facet of this city. You realise that there is beauty everywhere, in the crowds and chaos, in the crowded lanes, the beautiful doorways, the different temples, and the architecture. There is a sense of devotion everywhere in everything.

Jaya Javeri, Paintings of Benares Paintings of Benares by Jaya Javeri

My paintings of Benares reflect both this serenity as well as the chaos. Most of my paintings from this series capture the soothing waters of the Ganga and life around the ghats. The never-ending ghats made of weathered stones, the typical boats, the indescribable sunrise on the Ganga, the colours, the people.

I am happy to share my artwork with you, the readers, collectors, artists and art enthusiasts. Thank you for your support in making this blog and Stories of Art. Your views and suggestions are welcome.

All the paintings in this series are full of my signature perspective, thick textures and a feeling of positivity, joy, peace and beauty. Please head over to Shop for more on my paintings of Benares.
– Jaya Javeri